Newman Coffee

Newman Coffee

Coffee has been rapidly spreading throughout Europe from mid XVII century and little by little it took over the world. Coffeehouses were opened everywhere: London, Paris, Venice, Vienna, Milan, Hamburg. Coffee was conquering cities around the world. They quickly began to gain popularity and gradually became meeting places where people could not only have a nice time, but also share information, discuss important news and make arrangements.

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In order to produce the desired quality and consistency of the product one needs correct and competent roasting. In the process of roasting sugars, starches and fats are emulsified, caramelized and produce coffee oils, these oils later on give coffee its flavor and aroma. To create an ideal combination our specialists verified many methods of coffee beans processing and roasting, each successful result was registered and improved. Thus for many years, our experts have collected, cherished and transmitted to their successors those secrets, so they can continue the work and bring people pleasure of drinking good coffee.

For more than 60 years already, our experience and love for coffee bring people pleasure and delight of flavor, taste and quality. Our each coffee bean carries a piece of sunny Italy and the beauty of Florence. When making your coffee you will feel fine and tempting aroma, sweet as evenings of blossoming Florence, taking the first sip, you will feel warmness and tenderness of Italian night.

There used to come famous public personalities such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Beaumarchais, Danton, Napoleon, Hugo, Gautier, Diderot and other outstanding people who made history. The history of coffee had an impact on everyday life and culture. Thanks to that, you can enjoy this divine drink by visiting our coffee shop "Newman". The coffee shop "Newman" has preserved quality, standards and atmosphere of world’s most famous coffee houses.

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