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Newman Brandy

NEWMAN brand aims to bring quality products to our clients worldwide. Modern, state of the art technology is combined with traditional distillation methods to deliver the finest and richest brandy. Our vineyards are taken care of by the most experienced vine makers. Thousands of barrels of brandy with different taste and bouquet aged 3 to 50 years are stored in our cellars. The unique cooked crystal bottle design delivers our finest brandy to our worldwide clients.

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About winemaking in Moldova

Moldova has a rich vine making history of more than 6000 years. Almost the entire population practices wine making. Moldova is listed in the top ten wine producing countries in the world. 

The wine industry is the main branch of the agriculture. It emerged 4000 years before France started to produce wine. The roots of wine culture in Moldova go back to pre-historical times. The ancient Dacians discovered how to make wine long before it spread worldwide. 

In the 14th century vine cultivation really blossomed. 

Moldovan wine was regularly purchased by the Russian Emperor Family. Some wine was imported by the Britain Queen Family. 

Today, you can find Moldovan wine in many countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Russia. 

Being such a small country with a continental climate and highly fertile soil, Moldova is one of the few European wine producers able to make a wide range of wines. 

With a production of 124,200 tons of wine (as of 2009), Moldova has a well established wine industry. It has a vineyard area of 367,000 acres of which 266,000 acres are used for commercial production. The remaining 101,000 acres are vineyards used individually for home-made wine. Many families have their own recipes and strands of grapes that have been passed down through generations. 

In global terms, Moldova was ranked 7th in the list of world wine exporters. 

The Wine Festival is held in the center of Chisinau every year, on the second weekend of October since 2001. It lasts for 2 days.

The grapes from which the brandy make

Brandy – this is probably the specifics of strong alcoholic beverages making. Due to the specifics of technology the beverage has different flavors, and names according to the raw materials used. 

We use only the best sorts of grapes for our brandy. Ugni Blanc that is concentrated in aromas, Sylvaner and Rkatsiteli that have a flowery aroma and grapes with neutral hues such as Aligote, Feteasca, Plavai and Serecsia. 

The main sorts of grapes for brandy making are Folle Blanche and Kolombard. Kolombard vine gives the wine product a young, strong scent while Folle Blanche improves the quality of brandy throughout the ageing process creating a full, harmonic taste with violet and lime tones. 

Ripening, the grapes are filled with care and attention of people that grow them, tenderness, sun rays that confer an unforgettable color and saturation. The warmth of soil helps richen the grapes giving them an exquisite taste and strength.

Provenance brandy

The appearance of brandy in our lives is covered in centuries of mystery. Historians still cannot come to a common point regarding the origin of brandy. Some say that brandy was first produced in the XII century, but it was not popular then. Holland sailors used to buy different goods in France, including local wine that had a refined and rare taste but was very unstable. In order not to lose money, deliver the wine and use fewer barrels, the wine was distilled and shipped to the destination. The name Brandy came after the method of preserving the wine that comes from the English “burned wine”, the German “branntwein” or the Dutch “branwin”, most of the historians opting for the Dutch version. All the names mean burned wine and time turned the name into brandy. 

Soon the traders noticed that the distilled beverage acquired a great flavor and taste waiting in the barrels. Thanks to this we now have the possibility to enjoy a wonderful beverage with a rich taste and flavor that is called brandy. 

Gradually, the beverage became more popular and started to be mass produced, continuously perfecting it. 

Brandy making is similar to Cognac or Armagnac but it’s not as strict, thus the use of fruits and berries instead of grapes and herbs addition is not uncommon. 

In order to have a quality brandy, the wine has to be double distilled and then matured for 3 to 15 years. Gaining strength, the brandy is blended with a special sort of Muscat wine that is matured for no less than a year. The bouquet is further completed with the addition of herbs, rose petals and other additives. The producers keep the recipe ion a strict secret. The final stage of production is maturing in oak barrels for no less than half a year after which the brandy is bottled.

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